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Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. 
There are no MVPS here. Cocheco is a development program; as such, we are not all that concerned with our teams' records.  Rather, our emphasis is on ensuring players improve in measurable ways each and every season.  As players and as people.  MVP designations are traditionally bestowed according to data.  Cocheco gives recognition for contributions that can't be so concretely measured.  Our Nesman and Hitchcock awards recognize the player who works hardest at improving as a player, while Heyliger winners are recognized for being the quintessential teammate and voted on by their teams. As these character traits and habits are built over time, these acknowledgments start for players in 5th grade.  The awards are given in honor of 3 men who worked so diligently to establish the Cocheco Lacrosse program:  Don Heyliger, Greg Nesman and Larry Hitchcock.  Since these men were instrumental in the early days of Cocheco, their names are immortalized here to celebrate the best charasteristics needed in athletics.  
Coaches will discuss these concepts with their teams.  Feel free to start a conversation at home. The Dover Recreation Department holds an annual Heyliger Awards dinner.  As the season goes on, please watch out for those who go above and beyond in helping make Cocheco such a terrific program for your kids and pass your suggestions along to any of our board members. If we're missing someone, please send an email to lmnn@stacy.net 



HEYLIGER                                  HITCHCOCK                     NESMAN

Amerley Lokko                              Maybelle Hopkins                 Conall Mandigo

Julien Sprague                                Cameron Picard                            

Braden Perry                                  Jermiah Smith

David DeVoy


2020    COVID - no season



HEYLIGER                                  HITCHCOCK                     NESMAN

Kyle Behan                                     Carter Bell                             Audrey Carter

Elsie Gregorakos                            Emma Burton                         Ryan Stailey              

Lily Hunt                                        Griffin Koellmer

Orion Jennison Henderson

Tommy Rand



HEYLIGER                                 HITCHCOCK                     NESMAN

Maggie Berry                                Talon Conley                         Anilise Brooks

Riley Joyce                                    Grace Goodwin                     Shawn O’Brien

Owen Mclean                                Cole Norris                           Jameson Plante

Ebbin Perkins                                Toby Zielfelder

Carter Rowley

Sofia Self



HEYLIGER                                HITCHCOCK                   NESMAN

Wyatt Bell                                     Nathan Coffey                     Eli Borrin

Dominic Chalifour                        Charlie Grenon                    Philip Workman

Sam Guilmette                              Megan Healy

Shaun McCellon   

Sofia Self

Scott Watson



HEYLIGER                                HITCHCOCK                     NESMAN

Will Durawa                                 Ryan Mone                             Max Berube

Fiona Gillis                                   Brayden Negm                       Hannah Tormay                   

Liam Lovering                              Danielle Young                      Fin Wingren

Abby Reid

Carter Rowley

Reed Santos



HEYLIGER                               HITCHCOCK                  NESMAN

Maria Gaughan                            Joey LaVallee                     Alex Anderson

Fiona Gillis                                  Molly Lewis                       Anthony McHugh

Cam Lent                                     Tyler Schneider                   Maya Rubio

Liam Mone                                  Gavin Smith

Gabe Rubio

Colby Walsh

Daniel Youch



HEYLIGER                              NESMAN         

Jessica Jin                                   Peyton Aubin


HEYLIGER                              NESMAN  



HEYLIGER                              NESMAN  


HEYLIGER                              NESMAN  

                                                    Malina Stacy