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Frequently Asked Questions


Pre-School & Kindergarten
Cocheco MINIs is our developmental program for preschool and kindergarten boys and girls, as well as first-graders who aren't quite ready for team play.  It was universally felt that while our youngest players really enjoyed practices, games were a little much for them and did very little to improve their skills. 

-Saturday morning skills sessions run an hour and introduce the skills and concepts needed for team play.  The field is behind the Strafford County Courthouse.

-MINIs is co-ed and requires only a mouthguard and sneakers. 

-Stick provided

$60 gets you in the mix:  $25 to Cocheco Lacrosse and $35 for a membership with USLax. 

-Register by April 1.  Sessions run April through June.


Players in Grades 1-4 (girls and 1-2 grade boys)

Seacoast Area Youth Lacrosse League is the SATURDAY Seacoast area local travel schedule and an easier entry point into competitive lacrosse.  Play is 7v7, providing more “touches” and better player development.  The equipment and the basic rules are the same.  Players come off the field with the same big smiles.

-Starting in March, indoor practices are twice a week for 1 hour.  Players need to be ready to take the field promptly at their start time, whether indoors or outdoors.  We move outdoors early in April, depending on field conditions.

-First games will be early in April and last games will be the first Saturday in June.  Be prepared to be cold.  No games Memorial Day Weekend.  Teams meet at the field, dressed and ready to play 30 minutes prior

-First and second graders play on a half field, while third and fourth use a 3/4 field.  For a while, we used jamboree format, but are playing regular games now.

Players in Grades 5-8

-NHYLA (n-eye-luh) is the SUNDAY state league for grades 5-8 and our 3/4-grade boys. 

-Practices start in March, usually twice a week for 1 hour, indoors.  Players need to be ready to take the field promptly at their start time. 
-League play for NHYLA runs early April 7 – through early June.  No games Memorial Day weekend.  Sorry, not so for Mother’s Day.  End of season, except for the year-end uniform return/pizza party!
-Teams might travel as far away as Keene, but most are within an hour’s drive.  Plan for 75 minutes for boys' games, start to finish; 90 minutes for girls' games.  Teams meet at the field, dressed and ready to play, at least 30 minutes prior to game time.


How do I register?  
A major credit card is required to get your USLax membership and to make a deposit on-line. 

Or, mail payment to Cocheco Lax, P.O. Box 573, Dover, NH 03821. 

Allow 15 minutes from start to finish.  All fees must be paid by April 1.  Because USALax provides our insurance, each player must be a member in good standing in order to take the field.
-Enter information for at least one adult and for as many additional adults as appropriate.
-Then, enter each player's info, including their USLax membership.  If the player is new or if their membership will expire before the end of our season, you’ll be switched to USLax.  Their magazine is a benefit of membership, but you can make a donation, if you wish.
-Finally, you'll be brought back to the Cocheco website to finish registration. 

MODIFY your record:  login in the upper right corner.   Enter your email address and password.  Your family record will show.  Use this to add or change your data and to register.  If you need more info, send your question to: lmnn@stacy.net. 

Team play for grades 1-8 is $215 OR Make a $50 deposit by February 15th to lock in the Early Bird rate $175.  Sibling discount is 10%.  Required gear is additional, as is the $35 USLax membership for insurance.  Final payment is due April 1.  Special circumstances?  Talk with Dory Dube at Dory.Dube86@gmail.com.  SCHOLARSHIPS:  If your child would like to play lacrosse, but the fees are an issue for your family, contact Dory and we will try to find a way for your child to play.  For assistance with equipment, contact Neal Stacy at nealstacy@comcast.netHuge thanks to Dick's Sporting Goods for underwriting 3 scholarships and providing gift certificates for equipment.

If I need a refund, can I get my money back?   Cocheco Lacrosse can issue a refund for our registration fee up until the second game of the season.  The US Lax membership non-refundable.  Please contact our treasurer, Dory Dube, if a need arises.   ory.dube86@gmail.com


But I haven’t got a thing to wear!  UNIFORMS are owned by Cocheco.  A week before the season will be pickup day in the McConnell Center.  For each player, trade a $50 check for a uniform.  In June, return the uniform in good condition, and we'll return your check.  Additionally, the Cocheco STORE will offer clothing and accessories.  Watch for the email announcing store details.


What about equipment?   
As the official sponsor of NHYLA, Dick's Sporting Goods has two weekend sales events -- Lacrosse Appreciation -- that offers 20% discounts.  We have staff on hand to help with selection and fit.  DATES are TBD.  2)  Our website has an exchange section for used equipment sale or swap.  3)  Most sporting goods stores have a wide selection, as do on-line social media sites such as Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace.  Make sure you specify whether you need equipment for a girl or a boy AND that safety gear meets current regulations.  Required gear:


Girls:                                                  Boys:

Eye cage                                           Helmet                                Protective Cup (strap- or shorts-style)

Mouth guard                                   Shoulder Pads                  Mouth guard (tethered is preferred)

GIRLS Stick                                      Elbow Pads                       BOYS Stick

Cleats, any style                             Gloves                                Cleats, any style


How are rosters decided?

Boys and Girls 1/2 and 3/4 teams are divided evenly according to skill level, making 1-3 teams at each age group.

When there are enough players to field multiple teams at 5/6 and 7/8, there are 3-4 pre-season evaluations or assessments to build teams to compete at the appropriate tier of competition.  It is essential that players make as many eval days as possible.  Remember, even if Cocheco dues are outstanding, USLax membership MUST BE CURRENT to take the field for evaluations.  Cocheco reserves the right to move players up to an older age group should the need arise, but only rarely do players move up purely on more mature play


What else?
Cocheco Lacrosse is a completely volunteer-run organization.  There is no required tagging, candy bar sales, or other fundraising.  While we have an excellent core group of volunteers, our success requires involvement from parents and community members.  We recognize that not everyone can commit to coaching, managing a team, or serving on the board.  GOOD NEWS:  many small jobs require only a limited or a brief time commitment.  Tasks such as uniform distribution and helping to run assessments takes only 2 weeks in the pre-season; lining the fields, running the scorers’ table is only for your child's 4 home games, publicity requires time only during the season; and, running the uniform return night only requires time in mid-June.  Please step up.  Tell us what you’re good with and what time commitment you can make.  We’ll find a slot for you – and make it fun!  E-mail our volunteer coordinator,  .


HELP!  I know nothing about lacrosse.
(choose your subtitle:  Can my gladiator really run with a stick and hit people? 

                                       OR   How come the girls' game keeps stopping?)
With your USALax membership comes access to their wealth of information, and their monthly magazine will boost everyone's lax IQ.  Also, you can find videos on YouTube or USALacrosse.org to up your game.  Keep in mind that college- and high school-level play has much more contact than youth lacrosse.  Better yet, look around for a house with a lax goal in the yard and some happy kids.  Ask that family to tell you about the game and their experiences!


If you have more questions, send an email to

Call Adam Hughes (boys) at 603-781-9392 or David Whitney (girls) at 207-351-5537

Join us:  www.facebook.com/cochecolax.

Go, Cocheco!